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Annual HOA Meeting Notes + Budget Details

The HOA has uploaded all the meeting notes and the detailed budget info that was discussed at the Annual Meeting in late March.

You can access it on the HOA's website (different from the Bucking Horse website) at http://www.associationonline.com/ and the login/password provided to you when you moved in.

For those who do not have that login/password handy, please join the private FB group for Bucking Horse (https://www.facebook.com/groups/buckinghorseneighborhood) or email hello@buckinghorseneighborhood.com as its private to the neighborhood and I can't post it here.

HOA Annual Meeting Notice

The Annual HOA Meeting has been scheduled. You should be receiving a notice of the meeting to your homes. The details are as follows:

Meeting Time and Location:

Thursday, March 28th at 6pm
Timberline Church, Meeting Room 201/202


Roll Call
Proof of Notice of Meeting
Approve Minutes of Prior Annual Meeting Directors Report
2019 Budget Presentation
Executive Board Election
Homeowner Comments

Executive Board Position Open:

If you would like to nominate yourself or a neighbor for the open board position, please email hoa@vintage-corp.com

Proxy Form:

If you will not attend the meeting in person, you must sign and email back the Proxy Form (or print and sign and send it with a neighbor) if you want your vote to be counted. There is an increase in dues proposed for the Bungalows and Townhomes. There is no increase in dues proposed for Single Family or Patio Homes.

To send a signed copy back to the HOA please email it to hoa@vintage-corp.com

Please use the correct version of the form (linked below) based on your home type.

If you are unsure about what type of home you live in, please contact the HOA directly.

HOA contact info: hoa@vintage-corp.com or 970 353 3000

The links above contain the formal notices that were sent out to all homes in the HOA and the proxy forms. If you have any additional questions about the Annual Meeting, please contact Vintage Corp directly.

Welcome to the Bucking Horse Neighborhood News

Hi all -

After a large uptick in interest related to neighborhood activities and HOA involvement, I’ve added this News section as a centralized place to pass through info from the HOA representatives and Gino/Bellisimo. I will also add news from the City regarding projects happening in and around our neighborhood.

Items from this News section will also make up the content of the monthly newsletter that will be sent to residents who have subscribed to the email list. A link to sign up for the email list is below.

If you’d like to submit information to share on this neighborhood news page, please use the link below.

Thank you!
Community Coordinator