Parks and Open Space

Update: Neighborhood Park on Miles House

Here are a few updates provided by the City’s Parks Department regarding the future neighborhood park that will be built along Miles House:

  • Letter of Intent has been signed by the City and provided to Gino Campana regarding purchase of the land, which will occur in 2019

  • Depending on the City’s budget, construction is slated to start in late 2021, but could possibly be pushed to 2022

  • It is designated a “Neighborhood Park”, which means:

    • Hours: 5am - 11pm

    • Will have turf area/playing field

    • Drop in use only (so no programmed sports like soccer leagues, etc)

    • No major lighting

    • Age appropriate playground areas - one for toddlers and small children, one for older kids

    • Shares parking lot with child care center; parking is also allowed all along Miles House

A special HOA subcommittee was convened in February to offer additional feedback and ideas to the City for amenities at this park. Those ideas and feedback have been submitted to the City and confirmed to be considered in the planning of this future park. As the construction date draws closer and the budget is finalized, the City will host a series of neighborhood meetings regarding amenities at the park and construction timelines and implications to traffic. Notices of those meetings will be shared in the future.

Update from the City regarding the City Park on Miles House

Bellisimo, who currently owns the land along Miles House that is to become a City Park, was notified this week that the City is moving forward with the purchase of the land and the planning process for the park.

There is a meeting between Bellisimo and the City in early February to discuss details and timing.

The City will be sending out a letter to residents whose homes are located near the park site within the next week or two describing the planning process and the timeline/milestones for the project.

I will do my best to stay in the loop on all developments related to the park and update them here!

Community Coordinator

PS…if you’d like to volunteer to be on the Park Planning subcommittee for 2019, please go to this page and sign up under “Join a Subcommittee”.