Proposed Daycare Update - Planning & Zoning Board meeting outcome

The City’s Planning & Zoning Board met on Thursday March 21st regarding the proposed daycare center on Miles House.

The full, official minutes of the meeting are not yet published on the City’s website, but the general outcome was as follows (as reported by neighbors who were in attendance):

1) Several members of the board had concerns about the “change in character” that the daycare center represents based on what was originally planned for the lot and based on the negative feedback from the neighborhood

2) Voting for approval/denial of the project is supposed to be based on Land Use Code only, which the City Attorney in attendance and the Board chair reiterated multiple times

3) Based on additional information that several board members wanted (information about the survey, a deeper look at the flood plain issues, examination of Land Use Code rules in more detail), they voted for a “Continuance” rather than making a final decision on Thursday

OUTCOME: No official yes/no decision was made on Thursday. It sounds like the conversation will be continued at the next P&Z Board meeting, which is currently slated for Thursday April 18th at 6pm.

They did “re-open” the opportunity to share your feedback about the proposed daycare with the City but reiterated that the decision will be based on compliance/non-compliance with the City’s Land Use Code rules around use of the lot. You can email that feedback to

Here is the website where you can stay current on the status of the Planning & Zoning Board activities and where they will publish the materials for the April meeting.