Update from Sylvia at the City related to the proposed childcare

Sylvia, the liaison for the City who was the moderator of the neighborhood meeting on Jan 14th just sent out these notes to those that were in attendance. Since not everyone was there, or your email address may not have been recorded accurately, I'm sharing what she just sent out. I will also post this on FB and the Bucking Horse website.

From Sylvia:

Good afternoon, everyone –

 Please find attached the notes from the Sunshine House proposal neighborhood meeting from January 14, 2019. Thank you for your patience with us in getting these out. I realize there may have been people at the meeting who missed the sign-in sheet. I may also have misread hand-writing. Please distribute these notes to your neighbors. Also, they will be available on this page in the coming days: https://www.fcgov.com/developmentreview/agendas.php

 Please let me know if you have questions about these notes or if you feel that your questions or concerns were missed. Please send additional comments to me and/or Ted Shepard: TSHEPARD@fcgov.com

Here are next steps for the project:

  1. The Major Amendment was submitted on January 24th.

  2. Staff comments will be provided to the applicant and design team on February 13th.

  3. At that point, it will be up to the applicant and consultants to respond to staff comments and re-submit their plans accordingly.

  4. The Planning and Zoning Board hearing has not been scheduled yet. 

Documents related to this submittal, including the traffic study and site plan, can be found here:http://citydocs.fcgov.com/?scope=doctype&dn=Current+Planning&dt=SUBMITTAL+DOCUMENTS+-+ROUND+1&vid=185&q=MJA190001&cmd=search

You may also search for “MJA190001” at citydocs.fcgov.com for all updated information, including all rounds of review. Please contact me if you need assistance in navigating this system or would like access to a particular document.

Thank you,


Sylvia Tatman-Burruss | Development Review Liaison

Neighborhood Services, City of Fort Collins

(970) 224.6076 | statman-burruss@fcgov.com  |  www.fcgov.com/neighborhoodservices/ 

Link to the attachment she sent: https://www.dropbox.com/s/uqx8mx35xw8x1vl/BuckHorseSunshineHousenei.pdf?dl=0