Transportation Update from the City of Fort Collins

Here is the latest on transportation within Bucking Horse from the City of Fort Collins:

  • The connection of Nancy Gray to Sharp is complete and open.

  • The quiet zone at the crossing has been established. RR engineers are no longer required to blow their horns (they can if needed for safety reasons).

  • We’ve added signage at Miles House / Nancy Gray for side street traffic, and we’re removing some parking close to the intersection on Nancy Gray to improve sight distance for vehicles exiting the apartment complex.

  • We’ve added a speed hump on Nancy Gray just west (south) of the Miles House intersection.

Things they are working on:

  • Working with PSD on bus stop locations for children that have to cross Nancy Gray

  • Working with Liberty Common on their circulation routes and evaluating potential new cross walk locations.

  • Evaluating the intersection of Nancy Gray/ Miles House to determine approach control type (2 way stop or all-way stop), and potential for a crosswalk.