Update on City approval process for the proposed daycare center

The button below is linked to the City’s website where you can keep up with the filings and the approval process for the proposed Sunshine House in Bucking Horse. My current understanding from the City is that it is not officially approved yet, but it is moving forward in the process.

To share your concerns, please contact planner Ted Shepard at tshepard@fcgov.com

Update from the City regarding the City Park on Miles House

Bellisimo, who currently owns the land along Miles House that is to become a City Park, was notified this week that the City is moving forward with the purchase of the land and the planning process for the park.

There is a meeting between Bellisimo and the City in early February to discuss details and timing.

The City will be sending out a letter to residents whose homes are located near the park site within the next week or two describing the planning process and the timeline/milestones for the project.

I will do my best to stay in the loop on all developments related to the park and update them here!

Community Coordinator

PS…if you’d like to volunteer to be on the Park Planning subcommittee for 2019, please go to this page and sign up under “Join a Subcommittee”.

Update from Gino regarding Traffic Study for the proposed childcare center

Passing this info through from Gino and the development team at Bellisimo:

Background - the approval process for the Sunshine House includes a traffic study update requirement that is scoped by a city traffic engineer.  The details of what intersections are to be studied is dictated by the city traffic engineer.   The applicant is required to hire and pay for a traffic engineer to complete the study and submit it to the city traffic engineer for review.  The intent is to ensure that when the project is built the roads still meet a level of functionality.  

Neighbors raised a concern about the traffic study during the neighborhood meeting.  One of the concerns was that the scope of the traffic study was limited to the Miles House and Drake intersection.  Following the neighborhood meeting our traffic engineer contacted the city traffic engineer to share the concern and ask her if she wanted to increase the scope to include Nancy Gray and Miles House and Nancy Gray and Timberline.  The city traffic engineer did not see merit in increasing the scope, however, the Bellisimo team decided to ask the project’s engineer to increase the scope to include Nancy Gray and Miles House.  We did agree with the city engineer and did not include Nancy Gary and Timberline.  This is a fully controlled intersection that they already collect data for.  And, any adjustments needed will be completed through timing of the existing traffic signals.  

Bottom line - we heard traffic concerns at the meeting and although the city did not require it, we increased our private study to include the Nancy Gary / Miles House intersection too.

If you have questions related to the traffic study, please submit them via the Community Coordinator button on this page and I will do my best to find answers. I will also make sure the traffic subcommittee meetings are posted here on the Events page, so if you’d like to volunteer your time for 2019 to be a member of that committee and have an impact on traffic issues in the neighborhood, you can join us at those meetings.

Thank you!
Lindsay, Community Coordinator

Welcome to the Bucking Horse Neighborhood News

Hi all -

After a large uptick in interest related to neighborhood activities and HOA involvement, I’ve added this News section as a centralized place to pass through info from the HOA representatives and Gino/Bellisimo. I will also add news from the City regarding projects happening in and around our neighborhood.

Items from this News section will also make up the content of the monthly newsletter that will be sent to residents who have subscribed to the email list. A link to sign up for the email list is below.

If you’d like to submit information to share on this neighborhood news page, please use the link below.

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