Pool tags + other pool info

Pool Tags:

Last year’s pool tags are valid for the 2019 season!!

If you still have your pool tag from last year, they will be valid for this year (we opt'd not to send out new ones this year since they were all new last year). If you are new to the neighborhood or lost your tag after last summer, you need to contact the HOA to have a new one mailed to you. Please include your address and the name of the person the HOA has on record as owning the home in order to get your tag.



Pool Opening

The pool opens on Saturday May 25th at 9am. More details about pool hours, rules, private parties, etc can be found on the Pool page of this website.

We are working on a couple surprises for opening day, which will be announced as it gets closer.

Neighborhood Garage Sale - information for neighbors

The annual neighborhood garage sale will be held Saturday June 15th from 8am-1pm. Info is posted on FB and on Next Door if you would like to comment with your address and what type of items you’ll be selling. This has helped in the past with attracting lots of great crowds into the neighborhood to buy all the stuff! :)

If you have any other questions about the garage sale, please submit a contact form via the “For Neighbors” page on the website. Use the “Community Coordinator” form.

Thank you!

Update: Neighborhood Park on Miles House

Here are a few updates provided by the City’s Parks Department regarding the future neighborhood park that will be built along Miles House:

  • Letter of Intent has been signed by the City and provided to Gino Campana regarding purchase of the land, which will occur in 2019

  • Depending on the City’s budget, construction is slated to start in late 2021, but could possibly be pushed to 2022

  • It is designated a “Neighborhood Park”, which means:

    • Hours: 5am - 11pm

    • Will have turf area/playing field

    • Drop in use only (so no programmed sports like soccer leagues, etc)

    • No major lighting

    • Age appropriate playground areas - one for toddlers and small children, one for older kids

    • Shares parking lot with child care center; parking is also allowed all along Miles House

A special HOA subcommittee was convened in February to offer additional feedback and ideas to the City for amenities at this park. Those ideas and feedback have been submitted to the City and confirmed to be considered in the planning of this future park. As the construction date draws closer and the budget is finalized, the City will host a series of neighborhood meetings regarding amenities at the park and construction timelines and implications to traffic. Notices of those meetings will be shared in the future.

Update: Proposed Child Care Center Approved

On Thursday April 18th, the Fort Collins Planning & Zoning Board approved the major amendment allowing the construction of the Sunshine House Child Care Center on Miles House.

More details and minutes from the meeting will be available soon on the City’s website. Questions about the approval process and what happens from here can be directed to the City resources listed at the link below.


Because the project is will be constructed on privately-owned land that is not maintained by the HOA, the HOA management company does not have any specific information about construction timelines, traffic implications, or other issues related to the child care center. For those type of questions, please contact the developer, Bellisimo Inc.

Planning/Zoning Board meeting - proposed daycare

The next Planning/Zoning Board meeting will revisit the topic of approving the proposed day care center on Miles House. You can find all details about the meeting and the agenda at the link below. The location of the meeting, how to send in comments ahead of time, and other details are also available via this link:


UPDATE: Nancy Gray/Sharp Point construction

From the City today:

The City of Fort Collins has hired a contractor to construct the Sharp Point / Nancy Gray Connection Project. The project consists of a roadway connection between Sharp Point / Midpoint and Nancy Gray including asphalt pavement, curb and gutter, sidewalks, and a railroad crossing. The new roadway will also provide a safe, legal connection across the Great Western Railway with direct access to the Poudre River Trail. Traffic impacts are expected to be minor. Construction is anticipated to begin in April and last approximately 90 days.

As part of the project, Great Western Railway will construct a new roadway crossing at the railroad tracks including full railroad signalization. City staff are working with the Federal Railroad Administration, Colorado Public Utilities Commission, and Great Western to establish a railroad quiet zone. Train horns are expected during construction and for approximately 30 days after the new signals are installed and tested for safety requirements.

A map of the project area is attached.

Project dates are estimates based on favorable conditions; variances may occur due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances.

For more information about the Sharp Point / Nancy Gray Connection Project , please visit fcgov.com/engineering/sharppoint or call the Engineering Department at 970-221-6605. For information about railroad safety, please visit the Operation Lifesaver website at www.oli.org.

nancy gray

Annual HOA Meeting Notes + Budget Details

The HOA has uploaded all the meeting notes and the detailed budget info that was discussed at the Annual Meeting in late March.

You can access it on the HOA's website (different from the Bucking Horse website) at http://www.associationonline.com/ and the login/password provided to you when you moved in.

For those who do not have that login/password handy, please join the private FB group for Bucking Horse (https://www.facebook.com/groups/buckinghorseneighborhood) or email hello@buckinghorseneighborhood.com as its private to the neighborhood and I can't post it here.

Proposed Daycare Update - Planning & Zoning Board meeting outcome

The City’s Planning & Zoning Board met on Thursday March 21st regarding the proposed daycare center on Miles House.

The full, official minutes of the meeting are not yet published on the City’s website, but the general outcome was as follows (as reported by neighbors who were in attendance):

1) Several members of the board had concerns about the “change in character” that the daycare center represents based on what was originally planned for the lot and based on the negative feedback from the neighborhood

2) Voting for approval/denial of the project is supposed to be based on Land Use Code only, which the City Attorney in attendance and the Board chair reiterated multiple times

3) Based on additional information that several board members wanted (information about the survey, a deeper look at the flood plain issues, examination of Land Use Code rules in more detail), they voted for a “Continuance” rather than making a final decision on Thursday

OUTCOME: No official yes/no decision was made on Thursday. It sounds like the conversation will be continued at the next P&Z Board meeting, which is currently slated for Thursday April 18th at 6pm.

They did “re-open” the opportunity to share your feedback about the proposed daycare with the City but reiterated that the decision will be based on compliance/non-compliance with the City’s Land Use Code rules around use of the lot. You can email that feedback to statman-burruss@fcgov.com

Here is the website where you can stay current on the status of the Planning & Zoning Board activities and where they will publish the materials for the April meeting.


HOA Annual Meeting Notice

The Annual HOA Meeting has been scheduled. You should be receiving a notice of the meeting to your homes. The details are as follows:

Meeting Time and Location:

Thursday, March 28th at 6pm
Timberline Church, Meeting Room 201/202


Roll Call
Proof of Notice of Meeting
Approve Minutes of Prior Annual Meeting Directors Report
2019 Budget Presentation
Executive Board Election
Homeowner Comments

Executive Board Position Open:

If you would like to nominate yourself or a neighbor for the open board position, please email hoa@vintage-corp.com

Proxy Form:

If you will not attend the meeting in person, you must sign and email back the Proxy Form (or print and sign and send it with a neighbor) if you want your vote to be counted. There is an increase in dues proposed for the Bungalows and Townhomes. There is no increase in dues proposed for Single Family or Patio Homes.

To send a signed copy back to the HOA please email it to hoa@vintage-corp.com

Please use the correct version of the form (linked below) based on your home type.

If you are unsure about what type of home you live in, please contact the HOA directly.

HOA contact info: hoa@vintage-corp.com or 970 353 3000

The links above contain the formal notices that were sent out to all homes in the HOA and the proxy forms. If you have any additional questions about the Annual Meeting, please contact Vintage Corp directly.

Meeting Notice: Sharp Point/Nancy Gray Connection Project Open House

The City will be hosting another Open House meeting regarding the connection project for Nancy Gray/Sharp Point that will be under construction this spring. You can drop by anytime during this meeting and ask the city reps your questions and share your concerns about the project. You should have received a postcard in the mail with a notice about this meeting too. The meeting details are:

Wednesday March 6th, 5-7pm
Bucking Horse Apartments Clubhouse

You can also find more details on the project at fcgov.com/engineering/sharppoint

Update about the new park on Miles House from the City

This update was provided directly by Kurt at the City. We have a Park Planning Subcommittee as part of the HOA that is sharing thoughts and ideas with Kurt and his team, so if you have thoughts or questions you’d like to share about it. Please go to the Neighbors page and send them in via the Community Coordinator form. Thank you!

Here are some Bucking Horse Park facts:

·         A City owned and operated neighborhood park is planned in the Bucking Horse neighborhood.

·         The park is identified as a future neighborhood park in the 2008 Parks & Recreation Policy Plan.

·         The City does not yet own the park land, but intends to purchase it from the Developer in 2019-20.

·         The neighborhood park will be approximately 6 acres in size, and will be located between Miles House Avenue and the Great Western Railway, north of the existing parking lot located east of Miles House Avenue. 

·         Anticipated elements in the park include a turf area, restroom, playground & concrete walks

·         The neighborhood will have ample opportunity to influence the design of the park through several planned neighborhood meetings.

·         The City plans to begin the design process for Sidehill Park in 2019-20. The construction of the park is tentatively scheduled for 2021-22.


Kurt Friesen, PLA
Director of Park Planning & Development
City of Fort Collins

Fruit Tree Map - Bucking Horse

Please find the fruit planting guide that was just created for the neighborhood.  This is intended to be a living document that the community can build on.  It only includes what has been planted so far in the neighborhood, so as the developer finishes buildings and other natural area and open space improvements are made the numbers will increase. 

We have been discussing in the Budget committee the idea of the HOA investing in some permanent metal tags for the trees so their type and planting year can be easily identified in years to come. More info on that plan to come.

Here is a link to the guide: https://www.dropbox.com/s/04xk4vg0ftvii8t/20190211%20Bucking%20Horse%20Fruit%5B1%5D.pdf?dl=0

Update from Sylvia at the City related to the proposed childcare

Sylvia, the liaison for the City who was the moderator of the neighborhood meeting on Jan 14th just sent out these notes to those that were in attendance. Since not everyone was there, or your email address may not have been recorded accurately, I'm sharing what she just sent out. I will also post this on FB and the Bucking Horse website.

From Sylvia:

Good afternoon, everyone –

 Please find attached the notes from the Sunshine House proposal neighborhood meeting from January 14, 2019. Thank you for your patience with us in getting these out. I realize there may have been people at the meeting who missed the sign-in sheet. I may also have misread hand-writing. Please distribute these notes to your neighbors. Also, they will be available on this page in the coming days: https://www.fcgov.com/developmentreview/agendas.php

 Please let me know if you have questions about these notes or if you feel that your questions or concerns were missed. Please send additional comments to me and/or Ted Shepard: TSHEPARD@fcgov.com

Here are next steps for the project:

  1. The Major Amendment was submitted on January 24th.

  2. Staff comments will be provided to the applicant and design team on February 13th.

  3. At that point, it will be up to the applicant and consultants to respond to staff comments and re-submit their plans accordingly.

  4. The Planning and Zoning Board hearing has not been scheduled yet. 

Documents related to this submittal, including the traffic study and site plan, can be found here:http://citydocs.fcgov.com/?scope=doctype&dn=Current+Planning&dt=SUBMITTAL+DOCUMENTS+-+ROUND+1&vid=185&q=MJA190001&cmd=search

You may also search for “MJA190001” at citydocs.fcgov.com for all updated information, including all rounds of review. Please contact me if you need assistance in navigating this system or would like access to a particular document.

Thank you,


Sylvia Tatman-Burruss | Development Review Liaison

Neighborhood Services, City of Fort Collins

(970) 224.6076 | statman-burruss@fcgov.com  |  www.fcgov.com/neighborhoodservices/ 

Link to the attachment she sent: https://www.dropbox.com/s/uqx8mx35xw8x1vl/BuckHorseSunshineHousenei.pdf?dl=0

Update on Pool Hours in 2019

Just a quick note here. I’ve gathered feedback that the neighborhood would prefer the pool to be open earlier than 10 or 11am this summer. I have shared this feedback with the HOA management and they are including a proposed opening time of 9am in the planning for this summer’s Pool Contractor budget. I will have more updates on that soon.

Also, we requested a “lead lifeguard” or some other type of manager on duty who will ensure lifeguard attentiveness and manage the schedule of the pergola/picnic table area for private parties.

More details to come!

Community Coordinator

Update on the Nancy Gray/Sharp Point connection project

Last week there was an Open House with the City to discuss the upcoming connection project at Nancy Gray/Sharp Point in the Estates/Apartments section of the neighborhood.

The City is planning another neighborhood meeting in March, which I will share here once I have dates and details. All residents in the zone the City feels is affected will also receive a notification to their homes directly from the City.

The City is still working with the Federal Railroad Commission on the Quiet Zone for the train that will cross this intersection multiple times a day.

Below are links to the project status page on the City website and an “FAQ” guide the City created about the project.

To share your concerns, please email the City’s Project Manager Caleb Feaver at cfeaver@fcgov.com

Project summary webpage: https://www.fcgov.com/engineering/sharppoint

FAQ document from the City: https://www.fcgov.com/engineering/files/19-20722-sharp-point-nancy-gray-connection-faq-handout-engineering.pdf