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Live Music at the Jessup Farm Barrel House

Head up to the Barrel House for a beer, good company, and live old-time music by Bitter Bloom!

Bitter Bloom is Domenica Romagni (cello, voice) and Mark Harris (guitar, voice). Our work draws on a musical tradition that has come to be known as ‘old-time’ music, encompassing a variety of older regional traditions of playing and singing from Appalachia, the deep South, the mid-West and beyond. We offer our own take on songs and fiddle tunes in this tradition, and we make new music inspired by it.

We’ve been playing music together since 2012. We've spent most of the time since then based in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, but are now based in Fort Collins, Colorado. We enjoy leaning into the crooked rhythms, spooky dissonances and rough edges of old songs and tunes. And we try to approach old-time music with an experimental bent, exploring possibilities latent in the tradition while retaining its singular spirit.